Slings, arrows & accolades


What They're Saying About Falconi's Tractor

Joe Fiorito, retired Toronto Star columnist: "This is the solid architecture of a time and place in Toronto, as durable and pleasing as old brick houses on leafy side streets, with a few dark shadows for good measure."

Paul V,  "Italian Canadians is a group I've never thought about, but this is an engaging story with interesting characters; Another story about how family history impacts members many years later.  There's certainly drama and focus on family honour, and I did not predict what came next or how it ended.  I enjoyed it overall, and read it pretty quickly.  I'll be interested to check out Mr. LeBlanc's next book"

What They're Saying About The Trouble With Tiki

This is a placeholder.  The Trouble With Tiki is my second novel, but so far no publisher has picked it up.  Fingers crossed!