Are You Single?

I realize I am devilishly handsome and talented.  However, I've been married since 2003.  So sorry.

What Else Have You Written?

If you don't count Wexford Collegiate's Viking Logic, my first published pieces were in the Montreal Gazette in the late-1990s, then Atomic magazine in the U.S.  That was followed by the West Island Suburban, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, Canadian House & Home, Atomic Ranch magazine...the list goes on.

Do You Plan to Write a Book About Architecture?

Yes.  But non-fiction takes a lot of time for research.  I'd love to do a coffee table book on Canada's "Trend House Program" (our Case Study Houses) or a profile on architect Joseph Storey and how he designed every Modernist building in Southwestern Ontario.  But not while I'm working full-time in radio.

How Long Has "The Architourist" Been Around?

My weekly Globe & Mail column first appeared in September 2004.  I started writing feature pieces for Globe Real Estate in April 2003, however.

Is That the Canadian Tire Font You're Using?

I don't think so.  I'm pretty sure they use a custom font.  This one is called "Squada One" and was offered by Go Daddy, my site builder.  But I'm told Golden Gate Gothic is pretty close.

Why Aren't You a TV Celebrity?

Well, I almost was, but not enough people got iChannel, when Where Cool Came From was broadcast back in 2014.  I'm currently working with some people to cement my place as the Guy Fieri of Architecture, however!