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Dave LeBlanc has always been a storyteller. In elementary school he wrote (and drew) adventures starring his stuffed animals, Goldie, George, and Rhino, and effortlessly moved into the role of essayist at his high school paper.  And while his radio career hasn’t had anything to do with writing documentaries, he has won awards for the commercials he’s produced, and, between 2002 and 2007 he wrote and voiced architecture vignettes for CFRB 1010 in Toronto. 

Without a doubt, Dave’s best known stories have been penned as “The Architourist,” the long-running, passionate, weekly architecture column in the Globe and Mail’s Real Estate section; from sleeping in Frank Sinatra’s house and demystifying Frank Lloyd Wright to counting sidewalk stamps and shining the spotlight on Canada’s forgotten architectural luminaries, The Architourist will continue to inform and entertain millions of Canadians into the 2020s.

To ensure Dave remains completely exhausted, he hunts down and refinishes furniture for his wife’s Mid-Century Modern furniture store, ruminates on his time as bassist for a Post-punk band in the 1980s, regularly contributes to international design magazines, and sits on architectural juries when asked. In 2007, Dave penned two essays for the book Concrete Toronto, in 2014 – 15 he hosted the pop culture television series Where Cool Came From (on one episode, he got Toronto City Hall tattooed onto his right forearm), and more recently he appeared on HGTV’s Great Canadian Homes with Tommy Smythe.

Dave enjoys cat hijinks, porkpie hats, mixology and tiki culture, vintage automobiles and motorcycles, collecting vintage clothing, neon signs, and reading science fiction.


Archival Work

Some PDFs and DOC files of older work, including 3700 words on the history of easy listening music.

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